Information and Network Security


  1. History: Caeser, Turing, Shannon, Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, Leonard Adleman
  2. Classical Cryptography: Shift Cipher, Substitution Cipher, Affine Cipher, Permutation Cipher, Vigenere Cipher
  3. Network Security Introduction

Stream Ciphers

  1. Pseudorandom Sequence, Linear-Feedback Shift Registers
  2. Feedback Polynomial (Primitive Polynomials), Repeating Sequence of States

Block Ciphers

  1. Lucifer/DES: Encryption, Decryption, Mode of Operation, DES Controversy
  2. Rijndael/AES: Encryption, Decryption

Public-key CryptoSystem

  1. RSA: Extended Euclidean Algorithm, Euler Theorem, Primality Test, Attacks On RSA, Factoring Algorithms
  2. Merkle-Hellman Knapsack System
  3. Elliptic Curve Systems

Digital Signature Schemes

  1. ElGamal Signature Scheme, Digital Signature Standard
  2. Hash Functions, Birthday Attack, MD5

Key Distribution and Key Agreement

  1. Blom's Scheme
  2. Diffie-Hellman Scheme
  3. Kerberos,Application

Public Key Infrastructure

  1. Certificate, Certificate Authority, Life Cycle, Certification Path

Java Security Programming

  1. JCA/JCE
  2. Implementations: Certificate, DSS, MD, AES, RSA, SSL

System and Network Security

  1. Password Protection: Windows, Unix
  2. PGP and Email Security
  3. VPN, SSL and SET
  4. Malicious Software: Computer Virus, Trojan Horses, Vulnerability, Anti-Malware Strategies


  1. Cryptocurrencies, Double Spending, Bitcoin
  2. Decentralization, Hard forks
  3. Private Blockchain